From the founder

Inspired by the journey

Jevela started out as an idea that just keeps growing.  I began learning how to create pieces while interning for a jewelry designer and then I continued on by enrolling in jewelry making classes. It was so inspiring to watch my sketches come to life, reminding me that you can accomplish what ever it is that you set your mind to. Although there were so many uncertainties within my career and where I was going, creating jewelry gave me light and became a passion. So I decided to dive in head first. 

I quit my job, moved out of my apartment, and embarked on a three month backpacking journey through out South East Asia that would change my life. It was a leap that would bring me to people, places, and purpose.

I realized that creating jewelry was just the vessel but the experiences it brought me to were so much greater than I could have imagined. It was a reminder that this whole life experience, is about the journey. What we do with that dash in between the day we are born to the day we transition is what really matters. Every event in our path has a purpose. Giving us something to learn and grow from. That is what makes us truly jewel-like, because that pressure, makes a diamond.